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Survive Writing Overwhelm : Quick Fixes

Writing Overwhelm Survival Guide

Too much to do? Very little time to it? Not making progress in what you’re attempting? Can’t see the wood for the trees in a ‘challenging’ writing project?You’re suffering from writing overwhelm.

Really? Not really.

Writing overwhelm is a work of  fiction. Your mind tricks you into believing that  you can’t cope with the writing tasks at hand and those ahead of you.

Why, it happens even when you have only a single writing task to contend with.

Let me say at the outset that it’s just a FALSE feeling. It will pass and disappear mysteriously into thin air. You’ve had it in the past. And you survived it. So,no big deal.

You got to ignore the feeling and act as if you’re not overwhelmed. You have the power to do it.

You also got to understand the cause(s) of overwhelm so that you could fight it.

Here are some common causes of writing overwhelm. See if they apply to your situation.

  1. Overwhelm is born out of high expectations. What are you expecting on what you’re working on? Are your expectations beyond what you’re capable of? Are your expectations far ahead of the situation at hand?
  2. Overwhelm also shows up when you  let too many ‘intruders’ into your internal writing space. Imagine a doctor seeing ten patients all at once, instead of one patient at a time. While working on one writing piece you’re thinking about how you’re going to complete the other ten pieces you’re planning to write.

Quick Fixes

  1. Focus on what you can manage at the moment. Even if it’s not to your satisfaction. If you’re tired, be satisfied, for the time being, with writing two paragraphs instead of a whole article.
  2. Don’t focus on big results. If you’ve just started a blog, don’t expect thousands of visitors in the first few days. Expect none. Overwhelm will beat a hasty retreat.
  3. Aim to accomplish doable small goals. Don’t go after making your blog the No.1 in the Internet marketing niche. Instead if you have 25 posts published, aim to make it 30 by the end of the month. Isn’t that doable?
  4. Stop comparing yourself with other successful people in your field. Even if they started later than you did. Even if you’re smarter than they’re. They might have different resources – skills, budget, support etc. Believe in and focus on your own efforts. Always.
  5. Start small. Instead of aiming to write a 1500-word article and never getting started, take  off with a 150-word post. Once you start writing you’ll be surprised how it grows to a length you never imagined.
  6. Keep going no matter how overwhelmed you’re. Never stall. Don’t throw in the towel. Momentum is more important than success. Momentum is within your reach. And with momentum you may reach success.

Parting Shots at Writing Overwhelm

  1. Believe in the Magic of starting small to grow big.
  2.  Publish first what you’ve, if the situation allows it. Then spend time tweaking.

Try out this writing overwhelm fixes and start seeing the wood for the trees.

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