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How to Write Fight Club Content : Step-By-Step

Fight Club content is one that presents your strong views on an issue relating to your niche by focusing on a particular solution or approach while exposing the shortcomings or drawbacks of an existing, popular one.

Fight Club is a proven traffic magnet. It’s content that attracts readers and also adds authority to your writing while helping brand yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Fight Club Content Strategy

Fight Club Content Strategy

This is how you could go about writing Fight Club content:

1) Start with popular topics in your blog. You want to look for contentious issues relating to the topic. Choose only one to write about for each article or blog post.

2) If option 1 doesn’t suit you, start from your experience. List down the contentious/controversial issues relating to your field. Decide on the stand you’ll take.

3) Come up with a title. Spend some time on this. Your title should grab the reader’s attention promising a fight or argument on the issue while providing you with the direction to pursue when creating the content.

4) Prepare a quick outline if you must. It’s advisable to have a broad outline to allow you to get started writing quickly. You may use topic headings and subheadings instead of a detailed outline.

5) Write away without editing. Dump all your thoughts on to the page . Try to finish writing the piece in one sitting.

6) Revise,sift, edit. If you feel that your version is long, use the Power of Three and narrow it down to three main arguments.

7) Once you’ve a workable draft, research authority quotes, opinions and expert endorsement of your argument. Choose a maximum of three. The focus should be on your own experience of your subject though.

8) Publish your content even if you think you could improve it further. You can always come back to strengthen the content.

To learn more about creating Fight Club content for your website or blog post to attract more readers and engagement, check out Fight Club Content Strategy : The 10-Minute Fix to Triple Your Blog Readers and Drive Engagement

Attitude on Writers Block

Switch Your Attitude on Writer’s Block and Start Writing Again

What is your attitude towards writer’s block? If it hasn’t been serving you well in making progress with your writing, it’s time to reconsider it and maybe, replace it with any of following attitude of the masters:

1.Who faces writer’s block? Only writers fond of coming up with excuses for not writing. .

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people

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Survive Writing Overwhelm : Quick Fixes

Writing Overwhelm Survival Guide

Too much to do? Very little time to it? Not making progress in what you’re attempting? Can’t see the wood for the trees in a ‘challenging’ writing project?You’re suffering from writing overwhelm.

Really? Not really.

Writing overwhelm is a work of  fiction. Your mind tricks you into believing

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Music Habits - Reading Notes

What I Learnt about Writing from a Book that Has Nothing to Do About the Subject

Sometimes it takes a non-writing book to open your eyes to  the realities of  the writing process. Realities which despite you being very much aware inexplicably slip out of your consciousness.

This book, Music Habits – The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production: Finish Songs Fast, Beat Procrastination and Find Your Creative Flow by Jason Timothy talks about writing music but the thinking behind the creation process  is very much  applicable to writing.

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Which of these 2As Should Come First If You Wish to Succeed as a Writer?

I’ve met many who are more well-read than I am, more educated and have a better way with words than I do but have nothing much to show as a writer.

They know much about the writing process. They know how  writers create. They  know the subjects that would make good reading.

They can write .

But they don’t make progress because they have the first A but not the second.

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Have Multiple Writing Tasks to Complete? Here’s a Trick to Get All of Them Done

It’s not every writer who has the luxury of working on only one writing project at any time.

Whether you’re working on personal writing projects or work-related ones you’ll more often than not, have quite a few to juggle. Chances are you’ve started them on a sudden wave of inspiration. Over time you had difficulty coping   owing to time and energy constraints.

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A ‘Stupid’ Trick to Get Yourself Back into the Writing ‘Zone’ Again

Finding it a challenge to get yourself writing again? Even after your previous writing session went well? Well, it happens to most of us writers, no matter how experienced we are.

When you find yourself straying out of the ‘write zone’ you must quickly drag yourself back into the right track.

One way to help you start writing is to read inspiring quotes on beating resistance.

Alternatively you can try this ‘stupid’ trick which I often use to get me ‘warmed up’ to write again.

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Breaking the Wall That Blocks Your Writing

Facing a Wall in Your Writing? This is the Best Way to Blow It Up

So, you started your big writing project  with a bang?  Then as you kept going, you found  yourself facing a wall?

You never expected the wall to be there in the first place. It had somehow appeared mysteriously.

It’s a strong, high wall. One look at it and you know there’s no way you’re going to bring it down or climb over it.

What do you do now? Two things.

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you have the time to write

You’re Lying! You Have the Time to Write

If you keep saying you don’t have the time to write, you’ll never find the time to write.

I repeat. If you keep saying you don’t have the time to write, you’ll never find the time to write.

If you keep saying you don’t have the time to write you’re LYING!

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This ‘Demon’ Alone Will Do More Damage to Your Writing than Any Other ‘Villain’

As writers we are often assailed by numerous  false feelings that seem so real that we make them part of our belief system.

These ‘demons’ do more damage to our writing progress than any other obstacle we face in the writing process.

One terrifying demon is voice that tells us that our thoughts and words aren’t important enough to be published.

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