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Month: December 2017

Survive Writing Overwhelm : Quick Fixes

Writing Overwhelm Survival Guide

Too much to do? Very little time to it? Not making progress in what you’re attempting? Can’t see the wood for the trees in a ‘challenging’ writing project?You’re suffering from writing overwhelm.

Really? Not really.

Writing overwhelm is a work of  fiction. Your mind tricks you into believing

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Music Habits - Reading Notes

What I Learnt about Writing from a Book that Has Nothing to Do About the Subject

Sometimes it takes a non-writing book to open your eyes to  the realities of  the writing process. Realities which despite you being very much aware inexplicably slip out of your consciousness.

This book, Music Habits – The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production: Finish Songs Fast, Beat Procrastination and Find Your Creative Flow by Jason Timothy talks about writing music but the thinking behind the creation process  is very much  applicable to writing.

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