Fight Club content is one that presents your strong views on an issue relating to your niche by focusing on a particular solution or approach while exposing the shortcomings or drawbacks of an existing, popular one.

Fight Club is a proven traffic magnet. It’s content that attracts readers and also adds authority to your writing while helping brand yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Fight Club Content Strategy

Fight Club Content Strategy

This is how you could go about writing Fight Club content.

1) Start with popular topics in your blog. You want to look for contentious issues relating to the topic. Choose only one to write about for each article or blog post.

2) If option 1 doesn’t suit you, start from your experience. List down the contentious/controversial issues relating to your field. Decide on the stand you’ll take.

3) Come up with a title. Spend some time on this. Your title should grab the reader’s attention promising a fight or argument on the issue while providing you with the direction to pursue when creating the content.

4) Prepare a quick outline if you must. It’s advisable to have a broad outline to allow you to get started writing quickly. You may use topic headings and subheadings instead of a detailed outline.

5) Write away without editing. Dump all your thoughts on to the page . Try to finish writing the piece in one sitting.

6) Revise,sift, edit. If you feel that your version is long, use the Power of Three and narrow it down to three main arguments.

7) Once you’ve a workable draft, research authority quotes, opinions and expert endorsement of your argument. Choose a maximum of three. The focus should be on your own experience of your subject though.

8) Publish your content even if you think you could improve it further. You can always come back to strengthen the content.

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