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Finishing Writing WHat You Start

The One The Productivity Ultimatum That Gets You Finishing Writing What You Start

If your writing productivity is wanting, here’s an ultimatum you could give yourself and adhere to.

What do I mean by writing productivity is wanting?

Your writing productivity is wanting when you start projects and don’t finish them.

When you write and don’t edit what you produce..

When you edit your writing and don’t publish.

When you research, makes notes and outline but don’t get down to writing your piece.

Any of the above actions if repeated over a length of time would take a hit on your writing productivity by turning your inaction into a hardened habit which operates on auto-pilot in your writing life.

You want to minimize this halfhearted approach so that you don’t waste your time and energy on your writing tasks only to end up having nothing to show for it.

Give Yourself This Ultimatum
This is an ultimatum I give myself to minimize productivity shortfalls – Finish it or Don’t start it or even think about it.

If writing productivity translates to money or other other tangible return for you (branding, traffic etc), you should write this statement in BIG Letters.


Any time you feel like starting a project which you’re not sure of finishing, don’t do it.

Starting may give you joy, a kind of false high and then when the going gets tough or when there’s a lapse of time between one writing session and another, you abandon your projects and then start thinking of another to start.

This vicious cycle would continue if not curbed.

So, put a stop to it today and don’t start anything you can’t finish. If you still start, make you sure you finish, no matter how bad you think your finished product would be.


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