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My Blogging Mental Blocks and How I Plan to Crush and Reduce Them to Dust

Every day when I look at my WordPress dashboard, I want to see the number of my published posts increase.

If the number is at two figures, I want to see it ncrease to three.

At the back of my mind, I know I can write as many blog posts as I wish but despite the ability, there are some mental blocks, I occasionally experience.

These blogging mental blocks stops me in my tracks and sometimes I don’t end up publishing anything.

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Writing is a Boring Activity Until You Apply this 5-Minute Fix which Will Get You Itching to Fill Up a Blank Page

What’s the boring thing you’ve done that has benefited you later in life?

Schooling, college education, studying for exams, you name it.

Similarly, writing is a boring activity to many. The thought of doing it turns smiles into frowns for many.

But then this undesirable state can be overcome within 5 minutes and you’ll find yourself racing to fill up the blank page.

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How to Write Productively By Escaping these 3 Worries

If you don’t banish these three worries in your writing life, your productivity is going to hit a super low. Here are strategies to say goodbye to these mental bottlenecks to write more every day.

These three worries will kill your writing productivity and leave you frustrated especially when you’re pressed for time.

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List of Writing Goals to Make You a More Disciplined, Skilled and Productive Writer

Here is a list of writing goals that will keep you motivated when you don’t feel like writing or feel like quitting when your writing doesn’t go well.

These quick writing goals will keep your focused on your main gioal of becoming a skilled, productive writer.

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What is the Purpose of Freewriting?

If you’re just coming into writing seriously as a student, marketer or even as an aspring blogger or author, you would have heard of freewriting and wondered what purpose it actually serves.

Freewriting has at least these main purposes.

  • The purpose of freewriting is to warm you up to get you started on a writing project or continuing it.
  • The purpose of freewriting is to help you make writing a habit, even if you’re not working on any writing.
  • The purpose of freewriting is to clarify your thinking when you can’t translate your thoughts into words

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Why Do People Struggle to Write? Fix this Weakness and You’ll Be On Your Way to Writing More Every Day

I don’t struggle to write. I can start writing at any time, thanks largely to my decades of writing experience.

But I admit, writing can be a struggle at times. Most of the time, I don’t write.

Similarly, if you’re reading this, you may be someone who can write but who struggle to write, whether you’re a student, blogger or an aspiring author.

But if you can write but are struggling to write, what’s the the problem?

The problem is YOU.

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Writing Without a Computer

Try these Two Efficient Ways of Writing Without a Computer

Have your ever felt lost when you needed to write but had no access to a computer?

Of course you have your smartphone but chances are  you don’t fancy writing on it except for quick messages.

Separated from your computer, you’ve two options. Train yourself to make them a part of your writing life and you’ll not feel the pinch when you don’t have access to your computer and even feel you’re leading a normal writing life without the machine.

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When is the Best Time to Write with a Pen?

The free availabilty of computing devices like laptops and smartphones is making  the use ofpen for writing less popular.

It’s safe to say that most of us use the pen only when it’s really needed, especially when signing documents.

Some don’t even carry pens with them. Notes could be taken electronically. Or photos of a whole page from a book can be snapped with a smartphone, dispensing with the need to use a pen to take notes.

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Bad advice from famous writers

Bye Bye to Sickening Advice from Famous Writers. Here are Quick Sensible Solutions On Beating Writer’s Block You Know Will Work

The Internet is full of bad advice (mostly quotes) from famous and accomplished writers on writer’s block.

Most of it talk about the condition without really offering workable solutions.

The worst is the advice or observation offered by those who don’t or didn’t face writer’s block. These two cents are as annoying as the advice offered by those facing writer’s block but have no urgency to beat the demon.

The advice goes something like this: “I faced writer’s block for three months. I couldn’t write a word.  I did nothing and just went fishing and driving around. Then I sat down and I suddenly could write.”

Doesn’t offer anything useful to a writer who’s blocked and has to get out of it immediately.

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Now’s the Time. Don’t Wait Any Longer

Don’t Be Like Him

Some years back an old friend said he had compiled a priority list to be used as a guide to help him climb the ladder of success.

Top on the list is to make tonnes of money.

Item number two also had to do with becoming filthy rich.

But item number 3 of 4 was to write.

Nothing wrong with this priority. Only that this was one  guy who never showed any inclination towards reading or writing during our college days.

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