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How to Write Fight Club Content : Step-By-Step

Fight Club content is one that presents your strong views on an issue relating to your niche by focusing on a particular solution or approach while exposing the shortcomings or drawbacks of an existing, popular one.

Fight Club is a proven traffic magnet. It’s content that attracts readers and also adds authority to your writing while helping brand yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Fight Club Content Strategy

Fight Club Content Strategy

This is how you could go about writing Fight Club content.

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Failed at Blogging? 3 Comeback Strategies You Could Put Into Action Now

Have you tried blogging and given up after publishing a few posts? Take heart. You’re not alone.  It’s generally accepted in the blogging world that 95% of blogs started are sooner or latter abandoned.

Listen, there’s no need to pack your bags and steer clear of blogging if your initial efforts have taken you nowhere.

Just because you couldn’t get a blog off the ground, you aren’t a failure. You simply weren’t ready for the game, when you thought you were.

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