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A Simple Fast-Track, Gap Filler Method to Skyrocket Your Word Count Every Day Without Breaking a Sweat

You Should Be Doubling Your Word Count Instead of Wasting Your Time

I don’t think there’s such a thing as original content that only you can think of. The truth is there’s nothing new under the sun. Everything that needs to be said has been said. You can only enhance what is already out there.

Should you be writing two posts a week instead of one?

Shouldn’t you be writing and publishing every day, instead of every other day?

Should you be writing two posts a day, instead of one?

So, what’s stopping you from doing it?

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How to Write an Article Every Day by Removing These 3 Deadly Mental Blocks

Do you wish you can write an article every day?

I, too, at one time wished I could do so.

Then I made the wish came true by removing certain mental blocks.

These are the three main blocks that I removed that enabled me to write an article every day. In fact I can write more than an article a day, with these culprits out of the way.

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Why You Should Blog Even If Nobody is Reading Your Blog Posts, According to Seth Godin

Have you started a blog with a few posts and found that nobody is actually reading what you’ve written?

If you feel like quitting, forget the thought.

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Are You Making this No.1 DUMBASS Business Blogging Mistake?

Most businesses are attracted to blogs thinking that it’s a channel through which they can communicate their brand messages and even sell their products.

In short, they see it as an avenue to talk as much about themselves, including their histories, their achievements, visions, missions and such.

Most who take this route not only end up disappointed with the ensuing results but also create a bad image for themselves.

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My Blogging Mental Blocks and How I Plan to Crush and Reduce Them to Dust

Every day when I look at my WordPress dashboard, I want to see the number of my published posts increase.

If the number is at two figures, I want to see it ncrease to three.

At the back of my mind, I know I can write as many blog posts as I wish but despite the ability, there are some mental blocks, I occasionally experience.

These blogging mental blocks stops me in my tracks and sometimes I don’t end up publishing anything.

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Always Arguing About Something? Turn Your Quarrels into Fight Club Content to Attract Thousands of Readers and Gain Authority Status

Which of the following article would you read first?

  1. What is Writer’s Block?
  2. How to Beat Writer’s Block
  3. Why Writer’s Block is Your Secret Weapon

The third article is from from copyblogger.com.

What sets it apart from the other two?

It dispels the myth that writer’s block is your enemy.

It’s a fine example of a piece of Fight Club Content.

It goes into the ring to fight the notion  that you shouldn’t summon all your resources to fight an enemy when it’s actually your friend.

So, what makes Fight Club Content stand out?

It takes a stand, even if it’s not a popular one and that alone turns it into a click bait.

Fight Club Content Strategy

That said, how do you create Fight Club content and turn your existing and future blog posts into traffic magnets? All from enjoying yourself picking a quarrel in your content

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Failed at Blogging? 3 Comeback Strategies You Could Put Into Action Now

Have you tried blogging and given up after publishing a few posts? Take heart. You’re not alone.  It’s generally accepted in the blogging world that 95% of blogs started are sooner or latter abandoned.

Listen, there’s no need to pack your bags and steer clear of blogging if your initial efforts have taken you nowhere.

Just because you couldn’t get a blog off the ground, you aren’t a failure. You simply weren’t ready for the game, when you thought you were.

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