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The Best Article Rewriters : Free Paraphrasing Tools to Rewrite Difficult Text without Plagiarising It

Best Free Paraphrasing Tools - Article Rewriters

When it comes to content, there’s nothing new under the sun, especially in this Internet age.

Any topic that you think of writing about, has been written by someone out there.

During the pre-Internet days, content sources were limited to books, magazines, newspapers, and journals. Anything written there was unique and you had to pay to read the content.

These days, we’re spoilt for choice. Resources are virtually unlimited, most available for free.

You can just search for the topic you want to write about and end up with thousands of well-written web content, some even from authoritative or reputed sources like universities or magazines or online journals.

There will come a time when we need to refer to these sources whether we’re using them as references or as a source of ideas or facts.

So, whether we’re writing for the web or academic purposes, there’s a need for us to paraphrase some important ideas or points.

We can’t just copy word for word whatever we’ve learned. That would be plagiarism. The solution is to write the referenced content in our own words, based on our understanding.

The words will be our own, but we must ensure we capture the meaning or the essence of the sentences or paragraphs of the original source.

While paraphrasing may come naturally to experienced writers, those less experienced in writing may find it a challenge.

These days you don’t have to lose sleep over the matter, because there’s a good number of automated paraphrasing tools, mostly available online.

Most of them produce good results. They’re AI- (Artificial Intelligence) powered and can be used for free without major limitations.

Here then are some top paraphrasing tools you can use, whether for business communication, academic writing, or web content creation.

The best part is most of these tools also provide plagiarism checks to make sure you don’t run into copyright issues later on.

Let’s look at some top paraphrasing tools that could serve you well.

Before we get started, bear one thing in mind. Use any of these tools to do the heavy lifting. Then carry it from there by tweaking and editing what these tools have done for you.

As ‘intelligent’ as these AI-powered paraphrasing tools are, they can’t replace human skills.

You should try to rewrite factual passages as much as you can. Only when you’re running low on time and energy should you resort to these article rewriter or paraphrasing tools.


At Prepostseo, you don’t have to sign up for an account, to use the paraphrasing tool.

You can copy and paste your text into the provided text box or you can upload a text, PDF or DOCX file.

After your text input, you’re allowed 4 options of paraphrasing your content.

The fastest would be to use the Simple mode. Not much modification is done to the text in this mode.

In Advanced mode, additional changes are made to your words and sentences.

If you want the sentence structured to be reshaped, then you would want to use the Fluency mode.

Finally, in the Creative mode, extensive replacement of words with suitable synonyms is undertaken.

After paraphrasing is complete, you have the option to share the resultant work over social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Take it further with Prepostseo with its grammar and plagiarism checker to make sure you get the result you’re looking for.

If you’ll be posting your work to the web, Prepostseo will ensure that you’re publisjing plagiarism-free content, so that your search engine rankings aren’t affected.

Head to Prepostseo to give this free paraphrasing tool a try.

Check Plagiarism

Check Plagiarism is a free online paraphrasing tool that allows paraphrasing text in 2 modes.

Under the simple mode, you’re allowed to input an unlimited number of words.

But if you want a higher quality paraphrasing, you would want to use the AI mode. But then your text should be below 500 words.

You can copy and paste text or you can upload a Doc/Docx, PDF, or TXT file.

After inputting the text, just hit the red Paraphrase button.

Within minutes or seconds (depending on text length) you’ll get a paraphrased version of your text.

After paraphrasing is done, you can use paraphrase again or check grammar or send the paraphrased version to the grammar checker.

Check out Check Plagiarism’s Paraphrasing tool.


QuillBot is popular among writers and content creators. It rewrites sentences powered by trusted AI technology.

A very little tweaking is needed after QuillBot delivers you a paraphrased copy.

You can try out the Standard and Fluency mode for free.

With the free version, you get a limited number of synonyms. If you need more synonyms, in your paraphrased text, you’ll have to sign up for the premium plan.

There’s also a grammar checker you can use.

You may also want to use the summarizer tool after paraphrasing is done, should your text be lengthy.

Check out QuillBot.

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