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The Best Waterproof Notebooks that Will Survive Rain, Sweat and Washing

Best Waterproof Notebooks

So, you need a notebook even when you have a smartphone to make notes by talking or speaking?

Yes, nothing beats a notebook and a pen when it comes to capturing ideas, anywhere, anytime.

You don’t have to power on your smartphone and tap on the tiny keyboard.

What happens when your phone suddenly runs out of battery? Where will you make your notes? Most of us don’t make them. We file our thoughts away in the back of our heads. That isn’t a wise option.

The Solution to Dog-Eared Notebooks

Are you tired of carrying notebooks with pages that would become dog-eared and come off easily?

Worse still, what if it is exposed to rain? Or you forget to take it out of your pocket, and it goes into the washing machine and gets mauled there? There go all the ideas which you’ve trusted to your notebook.

Well, you may say that it’s part of the hazard of keeping a notebook. Not necessarily so. If you keep losing the contents of your notebook to rain or the washing machine, it’s time to make a switch.

You need a notebook on which you can write while walking in the rain. A waterproof notebook, that is.

You need a water-resistant notebook that dries fast without damage, even if it gets really wet.

Here are the best waterproof notebooks to give you peace of mind if you tend to leave your notebooks in your work uniforms when you wash them.

No More Ink Smudges on Your Notes

Yes, there is. It is called Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook. Yes, as its name suggests, you can write in the notebook in the rain without worrying about the paper turning soggy and ink smudging.

If you wish to try out this notebook, go for a pocket-size weatherproof notebook first. You can easily slip this into your shirt or trouser pocket, or handbag. Get a few and leave them near your kitchen sink or your outdoor garden to capture ideas.

Get a combination of waterproof journal and pen. If you’re really going to use this water-resistant notebook outdoors, you may want to consider a Fisher Space Pen. With this pen, you can write underwater and on wet surfaces. Also, write at any angle you like, even on what’s above your head.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Rite in the Rain, one of the best waterproof notebooks.

Check out other Rite in the Rain notebook ideas as well.

All-Weather Waterproof Shower Notebook

Sometimes your best ideas come to you while taking a shower. Of course, you can’t run out to grab your notebook or voice recorder.

This is when a waterproof shower notebook will come in handy.

A good waterproof shower notebook to start with is the All-Weather Waterproof Shower Notebook.

This is not only a water-resistant notebook. It works well in conditions where you have to deal with oil, grease, mud, and sweat.

Also, it comes with coyote tan paper. It makes your writing legible in bright sunlight. You also don’t have to worry about the pages falling apart. The notebook’s Wire-O binding is impact-resistant.

A buyer says, ” These are top-notch notebooks with high-grade paper that support many erasures of writing and diagramming in pencil. I use them as pocket-able “field” notebooks that allow me to carry my mathematical scribbles and diagrams wherever I go. The graphing grid is handy for this. Tough covers, too.

Check out this video to learn more about this small waterproof notebook.

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