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How to Create a New Gmail Account within Minutes

How to Create a New Gmail Account

In this post, a Gmail account is taken to mean a Google account. When you create a Gmail account, you’re creating a Google Account.

Many don’t open a Gmail account because they feel they don’t need one.

Since they already have an email account, there’s no need for them to create a new Gmail account.

If you’re one of them, you’ll come across a situation when you can’t do without a Google account.

Want to comment on a YouTube video? You would need a Google account. Want to earn money from Adsense? You would need a Google account. Want to download an Android app from the Google Play Store? You would need a Gmail account.

Very few can get by without using a Google product. Sooner or later, you would be using a Google product. So, why not create a new Gmail account.

A Google account is created by first creating a new Gmail account, as you’ll see below.

Google Account Overview

A Google account is free. You’re allowed to have a Google account without the need to use the Gmail service. Google will not penalize you if you don’t use their email service after creating an account.

Also, after opening your Google will not close down your account through inactivity.

You can leave it untouched for months or years. Your account will be intact.

Also, you may have more than one Google account with the same benefits and privileges as any Gmail account.

Steps on How to Create a New Gmail Account

Step 1 – Go to Google Account URL

You can open a Gmail account from any web browser. Just type in ‘open Gmail account’ into a browser.

Create a New Gmail Account

Or you can head straight to the Google Account Creation Page.

Step 2 – Fill in Your Particulars

When the Create Google Account page shows up, proceed to fill in the particulars.

First Name and Last Name

You need not enter your first and last names. You can enter any name you like, maybe your company name or website name.

The first name and last names are not set in stone. It may be changed later.

Choosing a Username

Next is the username. This is the most important part of creating your Google account.

This username will be your Gmail address.

Once you’ve entered a username and created an account, you can’t change it later. So, you would have to think of a username that’s easy to remember and one that reflects its purpose.

Note that your preferred username may be taken up by someone else.

Create a New Gmail Account  2 -username taken

If you still want to use that username then you may want to modify it a little. For example, if is taken up, then you may want to try

Otherwise, you may take any of the suggested available usernames.

Choosing a Password

Create a New Gmail Account  3

Next, proceed with entering a strong password and confirming it. You’re advised to use a password with a combination of alphabets, symbols, and numbers.

Hit Next when you’re done.

Enter Your Contact Information

Telephone Number

In the next stage, you’re prompted to enter your telephone number. However, this field is optional.

Create a New Gmail Account  4

This will be used for password recovery purposes and also for security purposes. If Google suspects someone trying to log into your account, it will alert you through a message sent to your phone.

If you enter your phone number, Google will send you an SMS to verify whether the number is really yours.

Recovery Email Address

Next, you’re prompted to enter a recovery email address. This will be helpful in case you forget your password. You can enter any email address. It is not necessary to enter a Gmail address. You may enter your existing active email address.

Again, this is optional.

Then proceed to enter your birthday as certain Google services need information on your birthday.

After entering your gender, proceed to click the Next button.

Agree to Privacy and Terms

The next steps is to agree to Privacy and terms.

Create a New Gmail Account - Agreeing to Privacy and Terms

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you may want to read the terms closely.

Create a New Gmail Account 5

Otherwise, proceed and click on I Agree.

Your Gmail Account is Created

Create a New Gmail Account  6

Your account is created and you’re logged in to your Google account.

You may also click on the 9 dots on the top of the page and use any of Google’s services.

You’ve gone through the steps on how to create a new Gmail account which you can use to access any of Google’s services.

Now go ahead and give it a try.

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