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Taking Your Time to Write? You’re Digging Your Own Grave

This is well-meaning advice: you should never rush through your writing.

You must spend time putting in the necessary amount of research, planning and writing.

Especially the writing part. You should write, rewrite, rewrite and rewrite and repeat until you think the worls out there would he happy with it.

If that’s what you’ve learned from the system, then you’re fishing in troubled waters.

The thing is the world doesn’t care how long you took to write your piece.

It only cares whether it your content serves its purpose or interests.

Beyond that very few care.

The other day I was listening to the commentary of a well-known music composer. His compositions are evergreen even after a few decades.

He admitted that he didn’t take more than 30 minutes for the orchestration of any song.

He said, “I don’t pull my hair during compositions.”

He admitted that he took 15 minutes for only one song, which involved a war theme.

That made me think. You can be fast and good.

Yes. So, instead of having some misplaced idea that the longer you take to write, the better your piece would be, why don’t we think like the music composer.

I’ve got to do this in 30 minutes.

Don’t think you can’t write anything in thirty minutes.

This piece was written in 20 minutes at regular speed.

So, this is the trick. Allocate a deadline

“I have only 30 minutes to write. What can I write within that time?”

That is what you’ll ship or pubish.

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