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How to Exercise the Writing Muscles in Your Brain and Write Each Time You Sit Down : At Home, At Work, In a Cafe, Anywhere, Every Day

Just like you have body muscles to lift heavy objects or kick a ball, you have muscles in your brain for writing.

Only thing is you can’t see them.

Keep these mental muscles in shape and you’ll write on demand, any time, anywhere you’re required to, as easy as getting up from your chair and walking.

While developing your hand or leg muscles comes naturally, the same is not the case with the writing muscles in your brain.


Writing muscles are not a necessity to get through life.

Everyone Has ‘Undeveloped’ Writing Muscles
Everyone who has written before has a set of writing musckes.

Only thing is the muscles might not be strong enough to see her through a writing task.

Reason? You may have had a long lay off from writing after school or college and out of neglect, your writing muscles aren’t up to the task(s) thrown at them.

This what happens when your passion for writing is rekindled and you pick up your pen or sit at the keyboard.

You begin putting down words but can;t go on. You write a few few paragrapjhs but canl;t finish the writing the piece you have in mind. You don’t have the ‘energy’ to press on.

Your writing fitness is wanting. You don’t have enough steam to push your writing to the finish lineowing to the weak writing muscles in your brain.

Is Passion Alone Enough to Succeed in Writing?
Passion for writing alone doesn’t promise you a successful writing career.

You need perseverance. As you may already know most writing sessions are strenous mental marathons.

To last them you’ll need super-tough writing muscles in your brain to do the heavy lifting.

So, how do build these writing muscles? Isn’t the process difficult and time-consuming?

It need not be if your employ the following hacks.

Reckless Writing
There are very few activities where you can be reckless without paying the price. One of them is writing. With writing you cause any damage or injure others if you choose to be reckless.

Reckless writing is the act of putting down words on a page without worrrying whether they makes sense or not. You may also call it anything-goes writing or freewriting as it’s populraly feferred to.

Reckless writing sounds easy. But the will isn’t easily forthcoming. The guilt of not writing proper halts you from even trying.

You can’t get over the hangover of writing perfect sentences each time you face the blank page, thanks to brainwashing at school and college.

That said, reckless wruting is one of the best and easiest ways to build your writing muyscles.

Pick up a pen and write away anything that crosses your mind. Write in any direction. Back to front, sideways. Writing the ending first and the beginning last if you wish.

Don’t set out to write with the intention of pubishing it. Just tell yourself you’re going to write it and throw away it away. That reduces pressure and opens up word flow. .

As the name suggests, you take what’s already constructed and reconstruct it, your way.

Folks call it rewriting. But if you don’t like to be reminded of writing, call it reconstructing.

This is one activity where you don’t expend much mental energy.

Get started in minutes. Take a piece you’ve written before. Just for fun rewrite it using completely different words and sentences.

Be flexible. Move paragraphs around. Try starting your piece with the third paragrap., See what happens.

Alternatovely, pullout a few paragrapjs from the Internet. Preferably news items. Imagine yourself to be an editor. Refurbish them with a style you think is interesting.

This requires no mental effort at all. However, you require a mindshift to engage in this no-brainer workout.

Take a piece of content you admire. Imagine it’s you who wrote (this is super tough to do).

Copy that into a fresh page, word for word.

Imagine copying what you’ve written before. Sounds stupid? It does but there”s no better way to toughen your writing muscles if they have been wasted away by years of neglect.

If you feel like a dumbass while doing this exerices, tell yourself that you’ll bnot be reading what you copied. This is a do-and-dump workout. You’ll thrash the plagiarised piece as soon as you’re done..

Before you try these strategies, here’s a word of cautio . The above strategies wouldn’t produce results instantly. They are tried and tested tricks designed to work in the long-term. Engage in them in daily and one day magically, yoiu would see yourself transformed into superhero flexing your writing muscles.

Get started with these tricks today. Have faith in them. Keep at them no matrer what and wait for the returns.

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