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Failed at Blogging? 3 Comeback Strategies You Could Put Into Action Now

Have you tried blogging and given up after publishing a few posts? Take heart. You’re not alone.  It’s generally accepted in the blogging world that 95% of blogs started are sooner or latter abandoned.

Listen, there’s no need to pack your bags and steer clear of blogging if your initial efforts have taken you nowhere.

Just because you couldn’t get a blog off the ground, you aren’t a failure. You simply weren’t ready for the game, when you thought you were.

But one thing is certain. Whether you succeed at blogging or not,  your thoughts and knowledge aren’t worthless. They would certainly be of value to hundreds, if not thousands, out there. Especially those who don’t know as much as you do.

Now, what’s the action plan if you’ve temporarily laid off blogging (never mind if your domain registration and web hosting have expired)?

Prepare now for a comeback.

Isn’t that what heroes do after a defeat? They lick their wounds, learn from the setback and prepare for another comeback. There’s life ahead  after a blogging setback, provided you are determined not to repeat your mistakes and accept an alternative path.

Implement the comeback strategies below. They will help you build momentum and raise you confidence and strength to last the game in your next blogging adventure.

Blog and Forum Commenting

Visit blogs and forums in your niche or on a subject you’re passionate about, on which you plan to blog.

There’s no need to go forum or blog hopping. Start with one and stick there. Offer your two cents on any topic  that excite you. Do that on a regular basis, if possible, daily.

Commenting saves you the hassle of coming up with a topic to write about. You just join in on an ongoing conversation.

Apart from honing your writing skills, you get an inkling of  hot topics in your niche. This insight will be of tremendous help when you’re ready to blog and need to come up with topics.

If your writing skills aren’t much to shout about, then forum and blog commenting are the platforms to cut your teeth. You’ll not be criticized if your writing isn’t letter perfect. Your spelling and grammar don’t have to be perfect. Your messages don’t have to be crystal clear. Just do your best. Get across a broad version of your message and you’re fine.

Copy and paste your blog comments and stash them away in a file. One day, when you start blogging, these comments may form the raw material for your posts.

Micro blogging

You may have quit blogging because you couldn’t cope with the writing volume that you handle.

If volume is your concern, why not blog on a minuscule scale? Yes, blog in Facebook. Just write down a few thoughts a day and see how they’re received. Start a page and answer the prompt  : What do you have in mind today?

Or just tweet. You can come up with 140 characters to say something, can’t you? You certainly can.

Start Hatching ideas into Posts

If you attribute your blogging failure  to your inability of writing posts regularly here’s a strategy to ready yourself for your blogging comeback.

Sit down and write articles without the pressure of having to publish them immediately. Come up, say, with ten articles, They could expand on the points you made in your blog or forum comments.

Ten articles ready would equip you to start a blog. If you post once a week, you could take  up to nine weeks to ready your next post,

Have 30 articles and you could blog at a leisurely pace,

Putting the above strategies into action would benefit you in the long term than sitting down and fretting about your blogging failure.

Give them a try and share your experience here.

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