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How to Fix WordPress Post Not Indexed by Google

Fix WordPress Post Not Indexed By Google

When you publish a new WordPress Blog Post you want Google to index it as soon as possible and appear in the search results.

You may also be wondering how some websites can get their web pages indexed in minutes or in a few hours.

Well, these are usually news sites that constantly publish content, by the hour or even faster.

Well, you cannot challenge these news sites especially if you’re a beginning blogger. Your target should be to get your blog post indexed in a few days, at least in the beginning.

Here are steps on how to go about it. Be informed that these methods may only work if you have a clean record with Google. In other words, your site must not have been penalized or banned by Google for infringing Google policies.

That said, let’s get started to fix the problem of a WordPress post not indexed by Google.

Is Your Site Indexed by Google?

If your site isn’t already indexed, then don’t expect your new posts to appear on the search engine results. Many aren’t sure whether their sites have been indexed or not.

An easy way to find out is to type the following search string into Google:

Here’s an example:

If your site has not been indexed yet, you’ll get the following notice. Usually, this happens if your site is new and Google hasn’t discovered it yet.

In this case, it would be a good idea to add your site to Google Search Console. You can do this with your Google Account.

After adding your site to the Search Console, don’t expect immediate results. It will take a while for your site to appear in the search results.

Already on Google Search Console?

If you’re already on Google Search Console and your page doesn’t get indexed, try the following fixes.

Sometimes, only a few pages of your website may have been indexed by Google. If you already have an indexed page, link from it to your new page.

Remember, you can’t just link from any page to your new page. Both must be relevant to each other in terms of subject matter.

So, look for a relevant page and link it to the new page to fix the problem of your WordPress post not being indexed by Google. You may need to update content on the indexed page to make it relevant to your new page.

This is how this new page got indexed by linking it to it an older indexed page.

Googlebot simply needs a link that can lead it to the new page to crawl and index it.

How to Know Whether Your Page Has Been Indexed

You can check this easily on your Search Console Dashboard.

If your page has been indexed, the URL is on Google message will appear.

Don’t expect your page to be indexed soon after it is published. It may take days or even weeks. It depends on your website’s reputation with Google.

You should not on any account be discouraged if your page isn’t indexed. Especially if you’ve published only a few posts.

If you’ve just set up your blog or website, keep producing more content. Put your focus on that. Rest assured, one day your website will be indexed. Google can’t just ignore a content-rich site.

Share the Post on Social Media

If you already have a Facebook account, you may want to share your website or published posts there. This would include other social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest, as well.

Depending on the type of content you’ve published and the type of followers you have, you may share the post or your website on your personal Facebook page.

Otherwise, you would want to set up a page solely dedicated to sharing content published on your website.

Having a link back from your Facebook or other social media page to your published post increases your chances of your website pages being indexed by Google.

Now, creating videos may not be your cup of tea. Time and effort are needed, not to mention equipment and editing software. Also, it may not be a good return on your time and energy investment.

Plus your niche may be a competitive one. Your intention is not to get views or comments or likes. You want to leverage the benefit of linking to your page link in your description box.

You don’t have to spend hours putting together a polished video. Just do a slideshow with text and music. Then include a link back to your page or website in the description box.

The above methods should fix the problem of a WordPress post not indexed by Google. It will ensure that you get your website or blog post page gets listed as soon as possible on the search engine results.

The only way to guarantee your blog or website visibility on the search engines is to regularly publish content. Do that, and Google and other search engines, won’t overlook your blog or website in the long term.

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