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Get Rid of To-Do Lists if They Don’t Work For You. Go Kamikaze!

To-do-list writestation

Get rid of  to-do lists if they don’t work for you.

Make life easier for yourself.

Just do the first thing that comes to make mind.

As long as it’s related to writing, that is.

What to do? Take 60 seconds to decide. Not more. You’ve to act on an impulse.

Here’s what you can do, if you’re still wondering what to do after getting rid of your to-do list.

  1. Edit a piece of writing you’ve not looked at for a long time.
  2. Write an article or ebook from the notes you’ve collected
  3. Continue making notes for a writing project you’ve abandoned
  4. Write the introduction or ending of an article that you’ve planned on writing

Do anything, as long as it moves you a step further in your writing life.

Don’t stop dead in your tracks and start procrastinating.

Write short blog posts, about 100 words each if the thought of  longer ones leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

When in doubt pick up your pen and write or peck at your keyboard.

About what? About the first thought that cross your mind to see where it takes you.

Do it to beat procrastination.

And shove off distractions like information surfing over the Internet or watching YouTube videos when there’s no need to.

So, what’s the smallest and easiest writing-related thing you’re going to do right now after getting rid of your to-do list?

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