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How to Send a WhatsApp Message to Yourself: Good for Notetaking, Reminders and Bookmarking

How to Send a Whatsapp Message to Yourself

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for a while, you’ll be well aware of its cool features.

Not only can you attach photos and videos, but you can also share content from many sources, including web pages and YouTube.

What’s more, you can also send voice messages when you don’t have the time or convenience to type a text message.

The thing is all these features are meant for sending messages to others. Have you wished you can send a WhatsApp message to yourself and keep important notes and reminders?

So that you can view all the messages in one place. So that you can track the date you sent it and the time.

Keeping Track of Dates of Activities

Say you bought something. You can snap a photo of the receipt and send it to yourself for later reference. How cool is that?

Maybe you think there isn’t a way to do it on Whatsapp. The good news is you can if you follow the workaround below.

You’ll have you an alternative Whatsapp page to send messages to yourself. Messages that only you can view.

Steps to Sending a WhatsApp Message to Yourself

Step 0 – How? Start a WhatsApp Group

Yes, a WhatsApp group is meant for a number of people. But then here’s a way to start a WhatsApp group with only you in it.

Step 1 – Ask Permission from a Friend or Your Spouse to Include Him or Her In The Group

Better still if you have an alternative number or a family member’s number that is seldom used for Whatsapp.

If they ask why just say you want to share some news and interesting videos.

If you’re close with the person, you don’t necessarily have to let the person know about the group, as you’ll remove him or her from the group soon after forming it.

Step 2 – Form a New Group

Open Your WhatsApp app on your device.

Next , click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right-hand corner.

From the dropdown menu, select New Group

Tap and select the person you want to be included in the group and hit the arrow button.

Next give the Group a Name and tap on the green Tick button

The group is formed with your Group name.

Step 3 – Go to Group Info and Remove the Participant

Don’t send any messages yet.

Tap on the 3 vertical dots and select Group info.

Scroll down to the bottom until you see the group participants – You and the other person.

Tap on the profile of the other person.

When a pop up menu appears, choose Remove the person.

You’ll be asked to confirm whether you want the person removed. Click OK.

The group will be left with only 1 participant – You.

Step 4 – Open the Group Page and Start Sending Messages

You will receive confirmation that you have the removed the other person.

You may now start sending messages to yourself.

Try sharing a YouTube video with yourself.

You will successfully receive a message to yourself.

This method will help you bookmark important content and also send voice messages or reminders to yourself.

You’ve successfully learned how to send a WhatsApp message to yourself. You’ve also turned your WhatsApp into a personal diary to keep track of important activities.

Now go ahead and give this method a try.

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