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How to Use Google Smart Compose in Gmail and Google Docs

How to Use Google Smart Compose

Are you often lost for words as you type? Is your spelling less than perfect and do you have to stop to check the spelling of a word often? Or do you often find yourself having to type the same words and phrases you often use in emails?

If so, Google Smart Compose may just be the solution for you.

Google Smart Compose offers you word suggestions as you type. All you need is a few keystrokes for smart compose to offer you word suggestions.

The example below shows as soon as the letter b is typed brown fox jumps appear.

If you accept the suggestion just hit the Tab key or the right arrow key. If you don’t, just keep tying and the suggestion will disappear.

Say you accept the suggestion and type on. As soon as you type jumps a few more words are suggested. If you accept them just hit the tab or right arrow key.

As you can see these suggestions help save you the trouble of having to type word after word.

How is this possible? Smart Compose uses Machine Learning to predict what you’re about to type next.

It takes the context of your writing and offers suggestions based on what it has learned from other text content.

You can use the Smart Compose Feature in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Benefits of Smart Compose

Smart Compose does the thinking for you when it comes to writing. You can do more work in less time and also reduce spelling and grammar mistakes.

So, learning how to use Smart Compose is certainly an advantage.

What Google Apps Support Smart Compose

Smart Compose was first introduced in Google Docs in 2020. In August 2021, it was extended to such apps as Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. You can also use it with Gmail.

The feature was actually introduced at Google I/O 2018.

Google Smart Compose Availability

Google smart compose isn’t available with personal Google Drive accounts. This is means if you’re with the free 15GB Google Drive account, you don’t have access to the Google Smart Compose facility.

It’s only available for Google Workspace users with Business Accounts and Education accounts.

How to Access or Activate Google Smart Compose Feature

If your account supports Smart Compose, it will be turned on by default.

If it has not been activated, you can turn it on manually. Here are the steps on how to use Smart Compose in Gmail and Google Docs.


With your Gmail open, click on the gear icon on the top right-hand corner.

On the dropdown menu, click on See all settings.

Scroll down until you see Smart Compose.

Tick on Writing suggestions on and Personalization on.

Google Docs

Under the Tools menu click on Preferences.

Under Preferences make sure the Show Smart Compose suggestions and Show Smart Reply suggestions options are ticked.

When you turn on Show Smart Reply suggestions you’ll be allowed to use word suggestions when replying to comments on documents you’re collaborating with others.

How to Turn Off Smart Compose in Google Docs and Gmail?

As useful as Smart Compose is it can be annoying at times when it can’t read your mind. Delivering words and phrases that don’t make sense can drive you up the wall.

When this happens, you don’t want Smart Compose around. The good news is you can easily turn off or mute smart compose.

Just follow the steps to turn on Smart Compose as shown above. This time, untick or deselect the Smart Compose options and you’re done.

You can now happily type away without Smart

Do You Really Need Smart Compose?

If you’re a versatile writer, who has written hundreds of thousands of words, you would find little use for Smart Compose. It could even be a distraction when you’re typing.

The best use for it is when you’re doing routine ‘generic’ writing like replying to emails.

But then unskilled writers with poor spelling and grammar will definitely benefit from the suggestions it offers.

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