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Here’s What You Should Do if You Don’t Value Your Time

Time seems to be available in abundance at no cost. It’s probably why it’s not appreciated in most instances.

Though available freely, once lost, it’s never recoverable. Have you ever regretted not doing something you ought to have done when you had all the time?

Most of us don’t value our time. Time might even be a chore to us.

We’ve come across people who say, “I’m looking for ways to kill  time.”

Time is  an enemy which they must get rid of .

So, they look for activities like window shopping, watching television or just engaging in small talk or gossip.

Why is time a chore for these people? Simple because they don’t have a goal to achieve. A concrete goal that is.

If they do have a goal, there’s no urgency to achieve it.

They’re in the comfort zone, feeling that they’ve ‘achieved’ enough. For instance, there’s no need to swim against the current to earn a living.

If they’re already arning a living, there’s no need for them to become a better version of themselves.

Concrete Goals with Deadlines

Those who seem to have concrete goals with deadlines seem not to have enough time on their hands. Time may even be a luxury for them. They, more often than not, are behind time.

Then there’s this group which wants to make hay while they sun still shines. The ones that want to give it their all when they are young and strong.

Time is of essence to them. They want to get things done before age catches up with them.

So, in which group are you in?

If you’ve plenty of time on your hands and are feeling guilty about wasting it,  sit down and create a goal you ought to attain.

A goal which if you attain would make you feel proud of yourself. Which will make other people look up to you.

In case you veer off the track by other distractions, give yourself a deadline.

Don’t be liberal with your deadline. Give yourself a very tight deadline. The shortest time possible to attain your goal.

Give yourself a 30-day challenge.

I have to do it in 30 days, kind of mindset.

When you do this, you’re taking your first step towards valuing your time.

It makes you feel good about yourself.  Wouldn’t you love this ‘high’ feeling?

Think about it. One day, you’ll sit down and feel proud of yourself for making good use of your time which is the most valuable asset in your life.

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