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How to Write an Article Every Day by Removing These 3 Deadly Mental Blocks

Do you wish you can write an article every day?

I, too, at one time wished I could do so.

Then I made the wish came true by removing certain mental blocks.

These are the three main blocks that I removed that enabled me to write an article every day. In fact I can write more than an article a day, with these culprits out of the way.

An Article is Just a Quick Piece of Conversation

An article is no big deal.

It’s just a thought piece or a piece of advice.

It’s nothing more than a conversation you have with your reader. You imagine your reader is sitting across the table and are talking about what he or she is interested in.

Since I’m writing in my blog , I don’t have to worry to worry about satisfying editors or editorial guidelines.

So, the irst way to write an article every day is to think of an article as a conversation piece, instead of a piece of writing.

When we think in terms of writing, we think of an injection that causes pain.

When we think in terms of conversation, we associate it with fun, pleasure, relaxation.

An Article Can Be as Short as Possible

The second block that I faced in my attempt to write an article every day is thinking that my article has to be thousands of words.

This mental block was caused by some bad examples I came across over the Internet. Many bloggers and article writers, write lengthy posts in the hope of getting ranked in the search engines. The thought behind it is, the longer the piece the better it would be treated by the search engines.

The result? They end up padding their articles. Their artucles could have been up to 60% shorter and still would have delivered their messages without boring their readers and wasted their time.

Let’s be honest. The thought of writing an article of a thousand word will not motivate you to write an article every day.

I came across Seth Godin’s blog. He has about 7000 plus posts. He has a daily blogging habit. His posts are just a few hundred words. Some even less than a hundred words. No wonder he hit 7000 posts.

So, I told myself, “I’ll write a an article of about a hundred words every time I think about writing an article every day.”

That helps me get started. Take this article for instance. I wanted to write only a hundred words or so.

You can see how long this article is. Here’s the thing. Once I start with a humble target, I, more often than not, exceed that target.

So, set out to write an article of 50 or 100 words and you’ll write an article every day.

Forget Research and Write What You Know

The best way to write an article every day is to write about your experience.

Write what you know. Use what is in your backyard first before mining those of others.

What is one of the obstacles that prevent writers from writing an article every day?

It’s the amount of research they have to do before they can sit down and write.

Research can stretch into days if you don’t know how to handle it.

So, the way out is to write about what you already know. Have faith in your expertise and experience and you’ll write an article every day.

If you wish to write an article every day, make sure to remove first the above blocks and any others that you may have.

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