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How to Write Productively By Escaping these 3 Worries

If you don’t banish these three worries in your writing life, your productivity is going to hit a super low. Here are strategies to say goodbye to these mental bottlenecks to write more every day.

These three worries will kill your writing productivity and leave you frustrated especially when you’re pressed for time.

Resolve to banish them soon after reading this article.

Use the tips provided to help you clear these bottlenecks once and for all in your writing life.

You sure can do it if you keep at it and resolve to rid these productivity-destroying worries.

Worry No.1 – Worrying About the Completeness of Your Writing

This worry is peculiar to every writer. Even the established ones. The pros, however, know how to handle this worry. They remind themselves that their writing will never be complete. Yes, no writing is ever complete. Something could always be added to make it better.

The pros know you can’t kill all the birds you aim with one stone.They focus on killing just one bird. In other words, accomplish the one main purpose of writing the piece and try to make it good enough for the reader.

If they feel they can’t entirely cover the subject, they do it in their next writing project..

So, don’t worry about the completeness of your writing. It will never be complete. You always have the next article or book to fill in the gaps.

Worry 2: Worrying About Your Language Prowess

Not many of us have the gift of language. Some of us may feel we have to know every word in the dictionary to be an excellent writer.

Truth is you just have to know enough words to get your message across. Unless you’re a kid just about to begin school, you have enough words to say your piece.

Remember, if you have enough words to speak, you’ve enough words to write. Believe this.

Here’s the thing. Only a few readers would be concerned about the language you use. Most will be focusing on what you have to say, not how you say it.

Unless you’re writing poetry or song lyrics, you don’t really have to sweat over individual words, phrases or sentences.

Just write the first word or sentence that comes to mind.

More often than not, it’s good enough to say what you mean. You have to believe that getting the message across is more important than language beauty.

Worry 3: Worrying About Whether You Can FInish What You Begin

This is one worry that used to bug me in the early years of my writing adventure. Over time, I found a way to rid myself of this worry. Here’s what I did.

I wrote the last or the final two paragraphs first, after writing the title.

In this way, I knew where I was heading to and didn’t have to worry about finishing.

It’s natural to worry about how long our writing has to go on before coming to a conclusion. Then we worry about whether it would be a good conclusion.

So,get rid of this worry by writing the ending first.

A Surefire Way to Banish Your Worries

The above tips will only work if you program your mind to use them on a daily basis.

A surefire way to use them is through writing practice.

The more practice you put in, the less worry you have to contend with when it’s time to write.

The more you banish your worries, the higher your productivity will be.

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