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How to Increase Your Google Adsense CPC

Increase Adsense CPC

This post will show you ways to increase your Google Adsense CPC.

Are you attracting a huge traffic volume to our website?

And you may also be getting a good number of clicks.

But then your Adsense earning may not be impressive.

The main reason for this is the low CPC (Cost per click).

Before we find out how to increase your Google Adsense CPC, let’s look at why your Adsense CPC is low.

Here are some of the reasons.

Low Niche CPC

Some niches simply have low CPC. They may not be in high demand among advertisers.

So, if you want a higher CPC you would have. to write around niches with high-paying COCs.

That’s alright if you’re starting a new blog.

What if your website is established and has a sizeable amount of content?

Well, even if your niche has a low CPC, you can still increase your earnings by following some steps as shown below.

Low-Paying Advertisers

The main culprit here seems to be advertisers whose ads have low CPC. So, if your website is full of ads from such advertisers you would naturally get a lower revenue than expected.

You can remove these advertisers that offer ads with low CPC.

Check out the video below.

Low-Paying Ad Categories

Sometimes ads not relevant to your niche may be served. These ads usually have a lower CPC.

So, remove ad categories not relevant to your niche. More often than not, you’ll increase your Google Adsense CPC.

Watch the video below for guidance.

Switch to a Profitable Niche

Now, if your website is new with a little number of posts, you may want to switch to a profitable niche.

There are a number of profitable niches out there. Consider the factors below before deciding on a niche switch.

Knowledge and Interest

The profitable niche you select must also be within your area of interest.

For instance, the stock market is a profitable niche. However, if you have little knowledge or no interest in it, then you aren’t going to be successful in it.

Why? Because of your lack of knowledge and interest, you’ll produce a lower amount of content. A lower number of blog posts attract little traffic. This translates to lower Adsense earnings.


Sometimes a drawback of a profitable niche is stiff competition. There may be big players in the niche.

You as a newcomer will not have a chance to rank in the search engines.

When this happens, it’s unlikely you’ll attract a big traffic volume.

With a low traffic volume, you may end up with lower earnings than in your existing niche.

Generally, if you switch to a new niche, it will take you months before your website or blog becomes visible in the search engines.

Also in the beginning, when traffic starts to flow in, you may record a low CPC.

Target Country

Sometimes a niche is profitable, but the CPC is low because the content attracts the majority of traffic from certain countries.

Ads served when your pages are viewed there have low CPC.

So, check your Adsense dashboard to see from which countries is your traffic coming.

If you see traffic from a certain country resulting in high CPC, then target your content towards readers in that country,

High-Paying Keywords

Sometimes your CPC is low because you’re not targeting high-paying keywords.

Or you may not be targeting any keyword at all.

Some keywords have high CPC and some keywords have lower rates.

So, if you’ve not been targeting any keywords, use a keyword research tool.

Here’s an example of high-paying keywords in the personal finance niche. The results are from the SEMrush keyword research tool.

Increase Your Google Adsense CPC - use high CPC keywords

So, try picking keywords with higher CPC but with lower competition. It will raise your Adsense CPC,

Quality Content

The type of content you publish on your website or blog also determines the Adsense CPC.

If you have only generic content, then Adsense may have difficulty serving the best ads.

Article Length

If you write short articles that skim the surface, you aren’t going to get high-paying ads. Unless, of course, you’re in a high-paying non-competitive niche. These days, it’s almost impossible to unearth such a niche.

However, if you write a comprehensive article on a topic, you’ll be covering more keywords. This will help Adsense understand the context of your article. It can then serve more quality ads.

These days articles that are from 300 to 500 words will find it difficult to rank in search engines.

If possible, try to write an article that stretches to 100 words.

Also, break up the long article into sections with headers targeting important keywords..

Different sections may allow Google to place ads based on the keyword(s) in it.

Study blogs which are succeeding with Adsense. Learn how they structure their content.

Let Google Do the Job

Auto Ads

Google has introduced auto ads for Adsense publishers. With auto ads, Google’a AI engine does the job of displaying the best ads on your site.

Increase Your Google Adsense CPC - run auto ads

You may have heard of or seen these ads running on some sites. You may have been reluctant to use them.

One reason could be the number of ads displayed on a page. Your site may look cluttered.

However, that’s not always the case. On some pages, there are a low number of ads.

If there are a high number of ads, it shows that your content is highly relevant to products and services offered by the manufacturers.

So, if you want to quickly see an increase in your Adsense CPC, try running auto ads

Google would definitely want to serve the best ads with high CPC.

So, try running auto ads for some time and see if your CPC increases.

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