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Don’t Have the Mental Strength for Writing? No Problem. Here’s a Battle Plan to Overcome the Shortcoming

If you’re not writing as much as you should, you can’t really blame it on talent.

You’ve got to remove the excess weight you’ve made a point of carrying.

I, for, one believe that you don’t need special talent for writing.

If you’ve a talent for talking, then you’ll have the talent for writing.

The reason why you can’t write as easily as you talk is because you’re not used to it. Yes, you’re not used to writing.

With talking, you have an abundant amount of practice. You’ve mental strength for talking. Haven’t you been talking all your life?

Since you’ve an abundant amount of practice, you can talk on for hours. You’re stringing sentences, asking questions and explaining things to get your messages across.

You’re supposed to do the same thing with writing, but why can’t you hardly get started and move. It’s because you don’t have the necessary mental strength for writing.

Excessive Mental Weight

It’s the amount of weight you’ve to mentally, that’s largely responsible for your condition.

Get rid of the weight and your writing will flow like your talking.

You’ll find you’ve more mental strength for writing.


Let’s identify the excess weight, to help us get rid of reduce them.

When was the last time you really had to think before talking?

In most instance you don’t have to think before you talk, not in advance, like in writing. You don’t have to prepare an outline or guide. You just talk what comes to mind.

So, that’s huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

And when you start talking, do you really think. Not in most instances. You just say what your mind feeds you. The fact that you don’t really have to think when talking is another BIG, BIG weight lifted off your shoulders.

You can surely remove that weight and get the necessary mental strength for writing.

Here’s another thing about talking that doesn’t make it a pain.

The Weight of “Is it Any Good?”

You don’t have to worry whether what you’re saying is any good. You just say what you feel like saying.

But most of us attach the weight of judgement to our writing as we’re doing it. This drains our mental strength for writing.

In fact most of us doubt whether our writing will be any good even before we begin. That’s a big, big weight we carry when it comes to writing.

Of course there are many who can bear this weight through mental strength, maybe through practice and experience, but deep down, they complain. They write because they have to and rely on their mental toughness.

But what if you don’t have such mental strength for writing? Can you survive a writing life?

How to Survive the Writing Life without Much Mental Strength

Yes, you can. How? By removing the weight mentioned above.

Yes, it works. It has worked for me. If I worry about what I’m going to write, then writing becomes a distasteful task. You swim against the current, you run uphill and swim underwater without an oxygen tank.

Anyway, worrying about what you’ll be writing before you write won’t certainly help you write better. Bear this in mind.

So, my approach is against conventional wisdom. Who cares what’s going to come out when I sit down to write? Why worry and waste energy thinking about it? What will come, will come. Just receive what comes and put it down on paper.

I’ve to remind myself that I don’t have to get it right the first time. There’s time to fix the ‘bad’ parts later.

This is my first apporach – writing in the talking mode.

Thinking During Writing

Then there’s the thinking during writing. We mistakenly think we have to think while writing. This think-before-you-write approach sucks your mental strength for writing.

Listen Instead of Think

What we’ve to do we’ve to do instead is LISTEN TO THE VOICE in our heads and transcribe.

So, when I’m writing, there’s a voice talking to me and I’m copying that down on paper.

It certainly is not my voice but some mysterious voice, which only appears when I’m writing and not at any other time.

So, all I have to do is connect with this voice and instead of thinking what to say, I listen and record.

Alright, I understand that if you’re new to writing, you’ll have to think of the words instead of listening to the ‘mysterious’ voice.

But if you keep writing, you’ll pass this difficult ‘groping in the dark’ phase and ease yourself into this ‘auto-pilot’ mode of writing.

Auto-Pilot Mode Through Freewriting to Increase Mental Strength for Writing

One of the easiest ways to get into the auto-pilot mode is through freewriting. Freewriting seeks to establish the habit of eliminating thought while writing.

If you’re not keeping a journal and freewriting every day, then your chances of hearing the VOICE is almost nil.

You don’t only need writing practice, but also the reading practice.

Reading is listening practice for me. When you’re reading, you’re actually listening. You got to listen to as many books, articles, novels, poems, sales letters and email messages as possible.

Nothing new here, compared to talking. You’ve got to listen to your parents, friends, family members, colleagues, bosses, movie characters, strangers and store their voices before you can start hearing your own voice.

Just keep at it and one day, you’ll mysteriously hear that ‘mysterious ‘voice and develop mental strength for writing

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