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Still Procrastinating? Try this One-Minute Last Fix

Procrastinating Writer

What do the above two words mean?

Two things.

  1. Procrastination has been a problem with you for a long time.
  2. You’ve been trying to fix it with various solutions without much success.

You  might have given in and slipped back into your default mode: Natural Procrastinator.

Chances are you’re still wondering why you still procrastinate WHEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO whatever it is that you want to do.

Whether you accept it or not, the answer is most likely you FEAR YOU’LL GO WRONG.

Why fear something you can actually do? Sounds unreasonable doesn’t it?

But most emotions are unreasonable. There are usually  no justifications for it.  It could only be felt by the person experiencing the emotion. The person accepts accept the emotion and make it part of her life even if her rational self whispers every now and then how wrong it is to accept the emotion.

The first step towards fighting procrastination is rejecting and fighting the emotion attached to it.

So how can you focus and not procrastinate?

Here’s a fix that could address your problem instantly and in the long-term if you keep using it.

A fix you can perform in one minute if you don’t procrastinate on it.

If you can’t make this last fix work, then you’ve very little chance of beating procrastination and will remain a victim to it.

Let’s get down to it.

The first step is to go into RATIONAL MODE to confront the emotion.


  1. Take out a sheet of paper or write longhand in your notebook.
  2. Write down what could go wrong if you start the task you’ve been procrastinating on.
  3. Don’t be surprised if you’ve nothing much to say the reason for your reluctance.
  4. If you start the task and it goes wrong, can it be fixed?
  5. What ‘punishment’ would you face if it goes wrong?  Is it a very minor punishment – wasted time and effort? Aren’t you already wasting time and effort by delaying getting started.
  6. Are you willing to think, “What if I get started and it goes right?”
  7. Has a similiar task gone wrong before but you managed to fix it?  Answer Yes.
  8. If you could fix it then, why can’t you do so if it goes wrong again?


Doing this simple exercise brings you clarity.

If you think loing and hard about your problem, this is the conclusion you would draw:

If I start, there’s a big chance I’ll go right, because I’VE GONE RIGHT BEFORE.  If I go wrong, I CAN FIX IT without causing any real damage.

Does this make sense?

Go try out this simple exercise. Comfront your FEAR WITH PEN AND PAPER  each time procrastination tries to overpower you.

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