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My Blogging Mental Blocks and How I Plan to Crush and Reduce Them to Dust

Every day when I look at my WordPress dashboard, I want to see the number of my published posts increase.

If the number is at two figures, I want to see it ncrease to three.

At the back of my mind, I know I can write as many blog posts as I wish but despite the ability, there are some mental blocks, I occasionally experience.

These blogging mental blocks stops me in my tracks and sometimes I don’t end up publishing anything.

My goal as I write this post is to crash through these blocks and shatter them to pieces.

They shouldn’t exist when I sit down to write the next Write Station blog post.

The Blocks (Lies) I Should Demolish

These blogging mental blocks are caused by the Liar in my writer self and I need to get rid of these les and replace them with the truths below.

Worrying About a Suitable Keyword

Lie: Thinking of a suitable keyword to write on before starting.

Truth: I should write just write what excites me and then see if a keyword fits into what I’ve written.

Even if a keyword doesn’t come up, it’s okay. What I write will still be usable when it gets found over time.

Waiting for a Unique Topic to Write About

Lie : I should wait until I think of a unique or ideal topic to write about.

Truth: I should write on any topic that comes to mind. I don’t have to wait for an ideal topic to write. There’s no such a thing as a perfect topic. Every topic is useful in its own way.

Believing Only a Lengthy Blog Post Will Do

Lie : I’ve to write an extensive article on a topic up to thousands of words to do justice to it.

Truth: I just have to write on a nugget of an idea. Even three or four paragraphs would do.

As I finish writing this post, I can feel the blocks clearing and I’m more than excited and ready to write the next post.

If you, too, are facing a blogging mental blocks, identify the blocks and treat them as LIES.

Then tell the TRUTH and follow it.

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