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Apple Unveils iOS 17.3 Release Candidate: Stolen Device Protection and More Await Beta Testers

Apple Unveils iOS 17.3


New security features, a vibrant Black History Month wallpaper, and music sharing return in the latest iOS test build.

Apple’s iPhone just got a security boost! The tech giant rolled out the iOS 17.3 release candidate (RC) to developers and public beta testers this week, packing a few exciting additions alongside bug fixes.

Buckle up, tech enthusiasts, because there’s plenty to explore in this pre-release version.

The Highlights:

Stolen Device Protection: Feeling paranoid about your lost phone? This new feature adds an extra layer of security, requiring Face ID or Touch ID to access sensitive data even if your passcode is compromised. Say goodbye to opportunistic thieves!

Unity Bloom Wallpaper: Celebrate Black History Month with Apple’s stunning new wallpaper. Watch stunning flowers come alive on your Lock Screen as you wake your iPhone.

Collaborative Playlists Return: Apple Music fans rejoice! Collaborative playlists are back, allowing you and your friends to curate the perfect shared soundtrack. Express your opinions with emoji reactions to each song, making music sharing even more interactive.

Beyond the Big Three: The RC brings other improvements, including AirPlay hotel support for streaming directly to your room’s TV, access to AppleCare and warranty information right in Settings, and crash detection optimizations for the latest iPhone models.

Remember, It’s a Test: While exciting, the RC isn’t the final version of iOS 17.3. Some features might change or disappear before the public release, expected sometime next week.

So, proceed with caution and avoid installing this on your everyday phone. Beta testers and developers, have fun exploring the new features and provide valuable feedback to help Apple polish its latest software update.

Want to Learn More?

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  • Stay informed: Keep an eye out for the official iOS 17.3 release announcement, expected soon.

Source : CNet

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