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Search Takes Flight: Google’s Multisearch Soars with AI and Gesture Control

AI powered image search featured


Say goodbye to text-only searches! Google just upped the search game with the launch of multisearch, a revolutionary feature that lets you combine the power of images and text on your mobile phone.

Think of it as a search with superpowers.

Gone are the days of struggling to describe an object in words. Snap a picture of that funky lamp you saw at the cafe, then type “similar styles for living room” – multisearch understands. Or, take a screenshot of a confusing recipe step, ask “clarify instructions,” and let Google AI decipher the culinary code.

But wait, there’s more! Multisearch comes with superpowers of its own:

Gesture Control: Starting January 31st, Pixel 8 owners and the lucky folks with the brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 series can control their searches with hand gestures – no app switching required!

Circle what you want to focus on in the image, swipe to add text, and voilà, your AI-powered search assistant is at your fingertips (literally).

Global Reach: This isn’t just a US exclusive – multisearch is available in all languages and countries where Google Lens is present. So, whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Krakow, you can unlock the world with your camera and a few keywords.

This launch marks a significant step in Google’s quest for AI-driven search dominance. As they battle it out with Microsoft in the generative AI arena, multisearch offers a glimpse into the future of information retrieval.

It’s not just about finding answers; it’s about understanding your intent and delivering contextually relevant results in a seamless, intuitive way.

So, ditch the keyword struggle and embrace the multisearch revolution. Your phone just became a portal to a world of knowledge, powered by the combined strength of your camera and Google’s AI brain. What will you discover first?

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