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Send a WhatsApp Message to Yourself through a Web Browser : Easy Steps

Send WhatsApp Message to yourself through a browser

You’ve learnt one of the best ways to send a WhatsApp message to yourself by creating a group.

Now if you don’t have the time to it or you don’t often send messages to yourself, you may try this option of sending a message to yourself though a web browser.

A Handy WhatsApp Feature

The advantage of this is you you can messages to yourself in situations when you can’t use your phone.

Yes, you may use a web browser to send yourself a WhatsApp message. This works on a computer or a mobile device (tablet) that can access the Internet.

You can use this facility to take notes during a lecture, seminar or during a meeting when using a smartphone would be improper.

You may even copy and paste useful text from the Internet.

Here then are the steps to to send a WhatsApp message to yourself through a web broswer.

Step 1 – Open a Web Browser

You can open anyweb browser you wish , whether, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Step 2 – Type the number into Your Browser URL Bar.

Type code + mobile phone number

For instance

The first two digit will represent your country code followed bu your telephone number.

Step 3 – Continue to Chat and Select WhatsApp Option

After hitting the Enter button, you’ll be brought to the page as shown below. You’ll be on the Continue to Chat WhatsApp page.

Hitting Continue to Chat you’ll be given two options. First, you must have Whatsapp intsalled in your computer. If you don’t aleady have the program, you’ll be prompted to download and install it.

Second, you may use WhatsApp Web.

Step 4 – Use WhatsApp Web for Convenience

Let’s use WhatsApp Web for convenience. This will save us the trouble of installing an extra program in your computer.

Clicking on Use WhatsApp Web will bring to the page as shown below.

Follow the onscreen instructions to scan the barcode with your phone.

On scanning the barcode a page with your phone number will appear on your screen.

Step 5 – Send a Message to Yourself

You can now enter the message or attach a photo as you would normally do.

On sending the message, you’ll see a message alert on your WhatsApp. The message is sent to your phone number.

You can check the message on your phone, too, later.

Once an account with your phone number is created, you may use it in future to send messages to yourself, without having to use a web browser.

You’ve seen how you can send a WhatsApp message to yourself through a web broswer. Now go ahead and give the method a try with the help of the above steps.

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