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When is the Best Time to Write with a Pen?

The free availabilty of computing devices like laptops and smartphones is making  the use ofpen for writing less popular.

It’s safe to say that most of us use the pen only when it’s really needed, especially when signing documents.

Some don’t even carry pens with them. Notes could be taken electronically. Or photos of a whole page from a book can be snapped with a smartphone, dispensing with the need to use a pen to take notes.

One reason why writing longhans with a pen is less popular is because we have to do double work. Write first and then type it into the computer. That’stakes time and effort.

Writing directly into the computer is much faster.

Despite the disadvantages of writing with a pen, there are times when the pen is much more helpful than electronic devices.

During my typewriter days in the 1990s, I would write longhand and then type my work for submission to my children book publishers.

I couldn’t bring myself to write directly to the page on the typewriter.

After buying my first computer in 1992 (an AT-286 model, 40MB hard disk drive and 1MB RAM), I learned to compose directly into my wordpressing program (Wordstar).

Now it’s second nature for me to compose directly into the computer, saving me much time and effort.

Resistance to Composing Directly Into the Computer

Lately, I’ve been facing quite a bit of resistance to composing directly into the computer. The whole experience was stiff and burdensome.

So after a long layoff of the pen and paper, I’m now back to my old ‘typewriter days’ method – write longhand and type it up.

I find that my writing speed and output have increased.

I composed this post with a pen.

Time to Write with a Pen

Advantages of Writing with a Pen

The main advantage of writing with pen is you don’t have to do the thinkling while writing.

Also, since you’vce  a rough draft written, you could improve on it while typing. You get a polished copy as a result.

When to Use a Pen

If you’re brainstormning for writing ideas, I would suggest using pen and paper.

You need to be in a relaxed mode. You could recline comfortable on a sofa or sit on a park bench and scribble away.

Secondly if you freewrite, pen and paper would be ideal to let your words flow. You don’t have to put up with the stiffness of pecking or tapping your keyboard.

I write with a 1.0mm gel pen which offers free smooth flow of  the ink.

As you can see, I write double-spaced on the notebook to allow for corrections.

Get Back to Pen and Paper

If you’ve laid off writing with pen and paper, get back to it.

With pen and paper, you could write anywhere – in a car, in a cafe, in a library and in bed, without having to carry heavy equipment, lika a laptop computer.

Outlining an article or a book? Do it with pen and paper.

Blocked when composing on your computer. Switch to pen and paper.

Don’t think about the chore of having to type what you’ve written.

Console yourself by saying you’re moving. You’re not standing frozen before a computer keyboard.

So, use a pen when you’re brainstorming for ideas, outlining an article or book or freewriting to clarify your thoughts . Use pen and paper when writing the foirst draft of a story or an article, no matter how bad you think your handwritying is.

Whenever your writing doesn’t move send an SOS signal to pen and paper. Go back to your roots. Pen and Paper are cheap and never fails you.

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