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No More Losing Your Precious Notes. Retrieve Them On the Go with this Free Online Notepad.

Have you been making quick notes here and there and then have trouble retrieving them because they are all scattered.

Do you make notes on different computers and have to save them each time to yoiur pen drive and then plug it into a different computer when you want continue working on your notes.

Have you wished you could have a notepad where yuou could access anywherre, even on your mobile telephone or tablet and continue working on it without having to save it to your hard drive or pen drive?

If you’ve so wished, there is an online notepad in the form which gives you your own site which will then allow you to save your notes – password-encrypted.

Protexcted Text allows you to keep notes in a tabbed notepad allowing you to work on many projects at a time.

The best part is it’s free and you don’t have to worry about organising your notes from different places.

The next time an idea strikes you when you’re working on a project, just enter it on your notepad at ProtectedText and hit the save key.

For that purpose, you should always keep your online notepad open when you log into your computer.

If you’re blogging, you can start typing away at t on the your notepad which is distraction-free and even reduce it to a smaller size if you’re psychologically intimidated by a klarge canvas.

I foind this a good tool where you could bang out a first draft of anything to be later copied and pasted into   my word processing program or blog post editor.

It’s a simple tool to use and if you’re someone who’s tired of tracking your notes across many places, you would certainly love this tool.

Check out Protected Text.

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