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What is an IP Address? Is it Safe for Others to Know Your IP Address?

What is an IP address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. So, an IP address is an Internet Protocol address.

Just like your home address, it’s your Internet address when you go online.t

The addresses come in the form of digits like No words are attached to it.

Does an IP Address Reveal Your Personal Details?

An IP address doesn’t reveal any personal particulars about a person. While you can find out which country he’s from, you’ll not get to know other personal particulars like name, home address, telephone number, and so on.

So, there’s no room for hackers or strangers to steal your personal information through your IP address.

How to Find Out Your IP Address

You can easily find out your IP address by typing What is my IP address into Google.

You’ll be presented with a list of services that help you identify your IP address.

Find Your IP address

Just click on any of them, and your IP address details will be displayed.

Most of these services will issue you a warning that your personal details are exposed.

IP address details

Don’t be alarmed. Only details of your general location and Internet service provider are revealed.

These websites sell VPN (Virtual Private Network ) services and they want you to sign up for them.

A VPN service hides your IP address and provides you with another IP address from a different country or region you select.

This will be useful if you’re from a country barred from accessing certain websites.

So, just ignore the warning.

Is Your IP Address Your Wi-Fi Address?

No, your IP address doesn’t reveal your Wi-Fi address. Someone can’t log in to your wireless network through your IP address.

Your Wi-Fi address or SSID (Service Set Identifier) or Network ID can only be seen by someone with a wireless device – computer, smartphone, or tablet – within range of your wireless network.

However, a password is needed to log in to your network.

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