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What’s the Best Anti-Procrastination Strategy to Get the Most Out of Your Writing Time and Write Productively?

Are you clueless when procrastination confronts you  when it’s time to write? Do you just give up and avoid writing or just postpone it to an unspecified time?
Alternatively, do you  make a serious attempt to write while struggling with procrastination but find yourself fighting a losing battle each time?

Does frustration and disillusionment rule your writing day as a result of low or zero  productivity born of procrastination?

If so, it’s time to take stock of things.

Do You Have a Strategy?
What may be contributing to your problem is the lack of an effective strategy.
Most writers, including me at one time, try to handle procrastination by bulldozing their way through it stubbornly. We apply the seat of our pants to the chair and start writing away. We set deadlines in the hope that it will keep procrastination away. 
Despite these measures, we find ourselves procrastinating when it comes to the next writing session. Just when we thought that we have tamed the enemy, it rears its ugly head again and again, looking even mightier. Its roar frightens us and we shy away from writing as if its red-hot iron not to be touched..
Over the years I have thought hard about a battle plan I could use against procrastination whereby I could emerge unscathed. Finally, after many trial and errors I found that procrastination could effectively be leashed by the use of deceit and trickery instead of taking it head on.
I decided that tricking it into no-show when it’s time for me to sit down and write is the best way to keep out procrastination
I created some tricks of my own to outwit procrastination and put them to test. Some worked and some didn’t. What I learned from this exercise is I can’t rely on a few tricks alone to keep procrastination at bay. I needed a bagful of tricks to arm myself against procrastination’s attack in case the ones I have don’t really work on a particular day.
This is when  I started researching tricks used by other writers and started collecting them and testing them out. Some worked really well and I decided to make them my priority weapons against procrastination.

If you feel you’re the only writer out there fighting a battle with procrastination, take heart. Every writer faces the problem, not matter how experienced he or she is, although many would not care or dare to admit.

Procrastination should not be really considered as a sin to be avoided. You ought to treat it more like an occupational hazard. When we procrastinate on such simple matters as cleaning our room or posting a letter, why can’t writing which involves real work roll out the red carpet  to procrastination?

In the course of my research, I became interested in how prolific writers manage to produce day  in and day out without procrastination troubling them.

A Prolific Writer’s Trick
I stumbled upon the tricks used by Ryoki Inoue, a Brazilian writer recognized as the world’s most prolific writer, having written over a thousand books.

One of the tricks he used to write is relying on his first inspiration without worrying about where  it takes him. What this means is he doesn’t wait when an idea hits him. When it’s red hot, he starts writing although he’s not sure of his final destination or where the writing would take him.

With such an approach to writing, will procrastination dare go near him?

Other writers would start considering whether the idea is good enough or not and then as they start doing it they may hear a voice saying it would not amount to anything. This would naturally throw them into the procrastination mode.

When procrastination stares you in the face and you feel helpless, follow in Ryoki Inoue’s footsteps and write without worrying where the writing will take you or whether it would be any good. Make it a habit of doing that.

What I also learned from my exploration is the most productive and prolific writers like Ryoki Inoue use simple tricks to beat procrastination and get their words flowing.

I have compiled the best tricks to beat procrastination into a book, 30 Deadly Anti-Procrastination Tricks to Rescue The Stalling Writer : Sneaky Mind Games and Sly Action Plan to Overpower Writing Resistance and Get Your Words Flowing.

I have used successfully them to beat procrastination while living by my pen for the past 27 years. Do check out the book. You have thirty tricks to try out for a whole month and not leave home without the ones that really click with you..

After reading the book, you’ll not have to worry about getting started immediately when you sit down to write. No matter what evil plans procrastination has against you, the tricks in the book will help you blow it away from your writing life.

Believe me, the best way to paralyze procrastination is employ mind games and trickery against it.

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