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Which of these 2As Should Come First If You Wish to Succeed as a Writer?

I’ve met many who are more well-read than I am, more educated and have a better way with words than I do but have nothing much to show as a writer.

They know much about the writing process. They know how  writers create. They  know the subjects that would make good reading.

They can write .

But they don’t make progress because they have the first A but not the second.

Two BIG As.

Ability and Attitude.

Ability seems to be a much overrated quality when it comes to writing.  Have you heard of  folks who’re fond of saying, “I would like to write but I don’t have the ability.”

They talk as if they’re born with a writing disability although they’ve put pen to paper in school and college and passed exams. It seems nobody ever told them that you don’t bring loads of ability with you when you start writing. You just bring whatever ability you have and manage with it for the time being.

The next thing you need to do is you start writing (preferably daily) without fussing over it. Your ability will grow without you realizing it.

Don’t take ability seriously. If you wait until you have the necessary ability to write, you may never write. If you tell yourself that you need to acquire more ability before you could put down words on paper, you’re engaging in self-deception of the highest order.

Want more ability? Here’s a surefire way to get it.

Start writing!

Most writers who are already there never worried about their ability and just got started.

One way to avoid doubting your ability is stop comparing yourself to others. Believe in yourself and write the way that comes to you naturally.

Alright, if you must really know whether you have the ability or not, take this test:

A) Can you read?

B) Can you speak?

If you answered yes to both the questions, you have the ability. Period.

Let’s get ability out of the way and focus on Attitude. The Super Big A.

Pay attention. It will determine how far you’ll go in your writing journey.

If you can find the attitude necessary for writing, you’ve won more than half the battle.

And what’s the attitude that you need?

  1. I’ll show up at the page no matter what. I’ll keep showing up no matter how badly the previous session went.
  2. I’ll allow time to improve on my writing skills. I didn’t start walking the minute I was born. I believe I’ll grow as a writer.
  3. Fame and fortune should take a backseat until you’ve reached a skill level which makes folks sit up and listen. Until then I’ll keep writing.
  4. The road to writing success is long. I’m prepared to make the journey no matter what.
  5.  Writing is a top priority in my life. I’ll always have and find the time for it.

Is your current attitude holding back your progress. Do you need attitude renovation?





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