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Why Do People Struggle to Write? Fix this Weakness and You’ll Be On Your Way to Writing More Every Day

I don’t struggle to write. I can start writing at any time, thanks largely to my decades of writing experience.

But I admit, writing can be a struggle at times. Most of the time, I don’t write.

Similarly, if you’re reading this, you may be someone who can write but who struggle to write, whether you’re a student, blogger or an aspiring author.

But if you can write but are struggling to write, what’s the the problem?

The problem is YOU.

Chances are you’re often putting yourself in position of not allowing yourself to write.

I’m often guilty of this, too.

When I don’t allow myself to write it’s because I allow myself to be distracted.

Again, unashamedly, I’ll tell you that most of these distractions can be avoided.

I also discoveed that these distractions win battles against my writer self because of my selfish attitude towards writing.

I put more emphasis on other things than on writing.

So, why do people (who can write) struggle to write?

Writing Isn’t a Top Priority

It’s because they don’t make it a TOP PRIORITY in their lives.

That’s the No. 1 reason. If you make something a top prioroity in your life, you’ll find a way to do what you’re supposed to do.

When I don’t make writing a top priority in my life, I struggle to write. I don’t have priorities like social life, travel, friends and even extended families, but I allow reading, researching, and ‘learning’ to become top priorities and that really, really eats into my writing life.

I know these activities affect my productivity as a writer, but I keep doing them, except when I’m on a tight deadline.

Why Do You Struggle to Write? Here’s what You Should Do Immediately

You can’t compare writing with other jobs. Jobs that requires you months to learn and then your work becomes routine.

Writing is among the fields that nobody can claim to master.

Why? Because no matter what your skill level is, you’re presented with a fresh challenge each time you face a blank page

There’s only one type of writer I know who is prepared to surmount the challenge and overcome it – the one who makes writing a top priority in his life.

So, resolve to make writing a top priority in your life.

What that means is, you have to write every day.

You Don’t Have to Be a Full-Time Writer to Make Writing a Top Priority

You may be asking, “How can I make writing a top priority if I have only a few hours of free time left after a whole day’s work.”

You can. Writing need not take up a lion’s share of your day or week. You do the important things in life first. But there are other things you can replace with writing .

By now you should know what they’re. For example, I find that television, socialising and even travel can be put in the backseat if I’m going to place writing as a top priority in my life.

I hardly attend weddings (except those of close family members), get-togethers or club meetings ( I don’t belong to any club or association). I don’t follow any television series that will require me to park myself in front of a television set every evening or night.

During holidays, I avoid travel. Some writers says travel improves their writing. Not for me. Travel distracts me and saps my energy. But I believe in day trips or short outings to refresh my mind.

Whatever I do, I ask, “Shouldn’t I be using this time for writing?”

Most of the time, the answer is yes. I start scribbling in my pocket notebook or typing into my Google Keep app in my smartphone.

Well, you got to be taking charge of your writing life and not wait for the approval or support of others.

It’s you who has got to be courageous and smart enough to make writing a top priority in your life without affecting the lives of others.

You can do it if you really are committed to making writing a top priority in your life.

You should spend your idle hours thinking about how to make writing a top priority in your life.

Lack of Practice

One of the reasons why people struggle to write is lack of practice.

I don’t believe that anyone who doesn’t have enough practice can write well.

But believe me, if you make writing a top priority in your life, you’ll get enough practice to succeed as a writer.

Just like other top priorities, you’ll be doing it almost every day.

How about you? How do you not allow yourself to write?

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