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You May Not Be Solely Responsible for Your Procrastination Problem :Here’s a Trick to Try

The experts have us believe that procrastination is an internal thing. Yes, it is, most of the time. It has something to do with self-doubt, lack of confidence or conditioning – simply not wanting to go through an unpleasant experience again. 

Group Behaviour

However, sometimes our tendency to procrastinate is contributed by the people we are surrounded with – people who like to procrastinate. Or we are in a group where procrastination is accepted.

Everybody procrastinates and we are encouraged to do that. This group have us believe that procrastination is not a sin. Trying to overcome procrastination or doing stuff immediately can be equated with haste or impatience.

What’s the hurry to do that now? Can’t you be patient? 

The Meaningful Meeting

In his book, How to Save an Hour Every Day Michael Heppell tells his experience of meeting a man called David Bell who was supposed to help him start a business.

Bell suggested that Heppell met someone who had just started an Internet business to get some ideas. When Heppell agreed, Bell called the person immediately and set up an appointment. He even handed the phone to Heppell so that he could arrange a suitable time for the meeting.

Then Heppell asked Bell if he had read a particular article. When Heppell replied in the negative, Bell immediately had his assistant photocopy the article and passed it to Heppell.

Heppell came away from the meeting truly inspired by the do-it-now guy and shared this experience with his friends.

He had met a person who didn’t seem to have a piling  to-do-list. He settled a task immediately when it beckoned.

If you’re procrastinating working on your writing projects, seek out a person who who finishes tasks immediately and borrow the do-it-now spirit from him.

If you can’t find someone suitable, well, you have to borrow the do-it-now spirit from yourself. What do you do without delaying? Pay bills? Check your email first thing in the morning. Reply your phone messages?

Can you transfer the do-it-now spirit to writing? You can.

Heppell used  this trick when he felt like procrastinating.

Your Daily Mantra

It’s a mantra he kept repeating:
“Do It Now! Do It Now! Do It Now!”

He kept repeating it until he did the thing he was supposed to do.

Why not try repeating the mantra until you feel guilty of avoiding a task and start doing it immediately.

If Heppell could use this simple trick to beat procrastination, so can you.

Simple tricks like this are the best way to beat procrastination without much effort on your part.

If you would like to explore more tricks like this, check out my book,30 Deadly Anti-Procrastination Tricks to Rescue the Stalling Writer: Sneaky Mind Games and Sly Action Plans to Overpower Writing Resistance and Get Your Words Flowing Again

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