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Follow these Blogger Monetization Requirements to Earn a Decent Income from Adsense

Blogger Monetization Requirements

This post explains the Blogger monetization requirements to help you earn a passive income from Adsense. Which among them is the most important?

It doesn’t mean that you have an Adsense account you can automatically qualify for Adsense on your new Blogger blog.

When you start a Blogger blog, you’ll be given the option to connect it to your AdSense account.

When you do that, Google doesn’t automatically start displaying ads on your blog.

You would first have to satisfy Good Adsense Requirements.


To apply for an Adsense account, you need to be 18 years and above.

If you’re below 18, you may get an elder (parent or sibling) to apply for an Adsense account under his or her name.

Unique Content

This is the most important part of the Blogger monetization requirements.

Get this right and you have a good chance of getting Adsense approval for your blog.

What does unique content mean? Unique content means original content. It means that content that you created yourself.

It’s not plagiarized content taken from other sources. You may refer to other sources when creating content. However, you can’t take any content word for word and publish it in your blog.

The content must be written in your own words based on your understanding of a subject.

According to Google your content must be ‘high-quality, original, and attract an audience’.

So, pay a good deal of attention to content. Write the best content you can,

Show Google that you’re serious about creating content that provides value to your blog visitors.

Why does Google place emphasis on high-quality content? Simply because such content attracts visitors.

The more the visitors, the higher will be the advertising revenue. So, Google wants to partner with those sites that provide high-quality content.

Objectionable Content

Even if you create original, high-quality content, it must be approved by Google.

It must adhere to Adsense policies.

Here are some types of unacceptable content when it comes to monetizing your blog.


Google doesn’t approve blogs that promote violence.

Hate and Discrimination

Content that promotes hate and discrimination related to a race, religion or sex will not be approved.


Sex is a strict no-no. So, if you have mature content in mind, forget about getting Adsense approval for your blog.

Animal Cruelty

This is also another area where Google doesn’t compromise. If your boog promotes animal cruelty, then you’ll not get your blog monetized.

Dishonest Behavior

Also prohibited is content that encourages dishonest behaviour online or offline. This would involve ‘blackhat’ content. Examples would be how to crack software, get robots to click on Adsense ads and illegally hack into someone’s computer to steal sensitive data.

Read this Google’s complete list of inappropriate content before applying for monetization.

The above are the main Blogger monetization requirements you should adhere to. If you do so, you’ll have very little problem getting Adsense approval for your Blogger blog.

Usually, most Blogger blogs are denied monetization for lack of unique content. So, you should place emphasis on it.

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