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Don’t Be Like Him

Some years back an old friend said he had compiled a priority list to be used as a guide to help him climb the ladder of success.

Top on the list is to make tonnes of money.

Item number two also had to do with becoming filthy rich.

But item number 3 of 4 was to write.

Nothing wrong with this priority. Only that this was one  guy who never showed any inclination towards reading or writing during our college days.

I was glad because he wanted to be a writer. At least I would have company.

Guess what. You are right. He never got down to picking up a pen and writing even a sentence.

There are many like him who wish to be a writer, one day.

That day never seems to come. It never will.

The First Step to Writing Success

So the first step towards succeeding as a writer is to stop saying to yourself, “One day,  I’ll write.”

Instead, ask yourself,  “Why can’t I write today?”Don’t ask the question feebly and forget about it. Drill deeper.

“What’s stopping me from writing?”

“What will happen if I write today? Any harm or damage done?”

Interrogate yourself. Answer honestly. If through answering these questions you discover numerous flaws on your part, admit them.

Deal with Your Shortcomings Immediately

Take out a notebook and list these shortcomings. Resolve to deal with and overcome them immediately.

Battle it out with yourself before you come to a decision on whether to invest in writing.

And one promise you would have to keep today is if you’re investing in writing you’ll have to start today.

“But I’m not prepared,” a little voice may say..

You’ve been hearing this voice for a very long time haven’t you?

This time you’re going to counter it. Aggressively.

You Don’t Need to Be Prepared. You Already Are

“I don’t need any special preparation.  I’ll use what I’ve got prepared. Some know-how or info etc.”

You don’t have to be 100% prepared. You are not going to appear in a live show or something.

It’s not fatal  if a few things go wrong when  you start writing.

Nothing is set in stone.

Anything can be fixed if it goes ‘wrong’.

So, dive in and start writing today.

Write what you can first. Anything.

Then take it from there.

If you still find it difficult to get started and keep putting off writing  check out the 30 Top Tricks  I’ve used to get started when I find myself dragging my feet  when it comes to putting words on the page.

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