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Why You Should Blog Even If Nobody is Reading Your Blog Posts, According to Seth Godin

Have you started a blog with a few posts and found that nobody is actually reading what you’ve written?

If you feel like quitting, forget the thought.

In these day of blog overcrowding, the lack of visibility is only to be expected.

Time was when your blog could be found within weeks.

These days you’ll remain obscure as a blogger for years before you’ll be found and followed.

There’s no escaping this. The only way to avoid being obscure and hidden in the virtual space is to keep blogging.

Your day will come.

Keep writing posts.

That’s what most successful bloggers have done and are still doing.

Marketing guru Seth Godin says, “For years, I’ve been explaining to people that daily blogging is an extraordinarily useful habit. Even if no one reads your blog, the act of writing it is clarifying, motivating and (eventually) fun.”

That’s the thing. Before you get a readership, you’ll enjoy benefits like thought clarification. You don’t enjoy that if you keep all your ideas crammed in your head.

Unleash them through blog posts.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy in the early stages. It would be a struggle to turn up at the page every day.

You don’t know what to write about and you’re not sure what you’re writing is any good.

But don’t worry, as long as you’re blogging daily, you’ll be alright.

As Godin adds, “What I’ve found is this–after people get to posting #200 or beyond, they uniformly report that they’re glad they did it. Give it a try for three or four months and see what happens…”

Challenge yourself to cross the 100 or 200 mark and see what happens.

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