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How to Change Your Gmail Background Theme: Easy Steps

Change Your Gmail Background Theme

Do you spend hours writing emails and answering them on Gmail? Do you sometimes feel, the default background of Gmail doesn’t inspire you to use it more often?

Do you need an uplifting feel-good background?

Well, you can choose a Gmail background theme that may change your mood for the better.

Here are the steps on how to change your Gmail background theme.

Step 1 – Log in to Gmail

As usual, you’ve to be logged in to your Gmail account.

Gmail account logged in

Step 2 – Go to Settings

Click on the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of your web page to go into the Settings menu.

Gmail Settings button

Choose See all settings.

Step 3 – Go to Themes

Click on the Themes tab and choose Set theme.

Step 4 – Select a Theme

You’ll be presented with a range of backgrounds. Choose the one you prefer. Scroll down to see more backgrounds.

Click on More Images if the available options don’t interest you.

You’ll be presented with more options.

You may select from the Featured tab or My Photos.

Step 5 – Preview Your Background Theme and Select It

As soon as you click on a background theme, you’ll see a preview of it in the background.

If you’re happy with your selection, click on Save.

Step 6 – Enjoy Your New Gmail Background Theme

You’ll now have a more eye-pleasing background theme compared to a plain, uninspiring one.

How to Use Your Photo as Your Gmail Background Theme

You may also use your photo as your Gmail background theme or any other photo in case none of the backgrounds in the Gmail theme library interests you.

Follow the same steps as above.

In Step 4 when you’re prompted to select a theme, click on More Images.

Then choose My photos. You’ll be given access to the photos you’ve uploaded there.

Again click on the photo you wish to use as your Gmail background theme then click on Select.

Once you’ve chosen you image you can customize the following:

Text background

You may choose a light or dark text background.

Add Vignette

There’s a slider to make the corners dark to give your theme a vignette effect.

Adjust Blur

You may also blur the background image if it’s a tad too bright for your liking.

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