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Two Preparedness Tricks Prolific Writers Use to Pump Out High-Quality Content in No Time : Chances are You’re Not Using Them and Probably Won’t Dare

The biggest mistake any content creator makes is waiting for a content idea to strike before sitting down to research and write it.

Adopt this approach and your content faucet trickles instead of gushing out.

If you’re running a content blog or if content marketing is the core of your business, you’ll have to replace this snail-pace method of content creation with a more kickass, proactive approach.

When you see writers and  bloggers produce high-quality content on a consistent basis you may think they are super intelligent or geniuses.

They aren’t. They just have a behind-the-scenes, sleight of hand  that enables them to stay ahead of the game. 

Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear. If you want to be as consistent and prolific as they’re you’ve got to ditch the writing ‘secrets’ drummed into you back in school or college.

And be ready and daring enough to replace it with the one used by professional bloggers and writers with an enviable track record.

Here are two  tricks that professional writers and bloggers employ to produce a never-ending supply of high-quality content.

I dare you to try them. If you don’t then don’t whine about not producing quality content regularly.

Make Research Your Personal Philosophy

Always be finding answers to what you’re curious about.

Even if you ‘re a seasoned pro in your niche, there are some areas you’ll still be curious about.

So, instead of keeping your eye on what’s trending and producing run-of-the-mill content, research what piques your interest and publish your findings.

Does this make sense? Of course it does.

Believe it or not, while researching more content ideas will sprout.

Take Action on the Idea
The moment an idea hits you, take action. Even if it’s the smallest of steps.

If you’ve free time, write out the article immediately.

Many would not do this because they feel there’s more work to be done – additional research to be carried out, outline to be prepared and so on.

If you’re knowledgeable about the subject, bang out a rough draft.

Dare yourself to do it, no matter how  unprepared you feel.

You’re not going to show it to anyone anyway. You’ll also not face a firing squad if you screw up on it. If anything, you’ll have succeeded on taking action on your idea.

Write away whatever you know about the subject. No censoring.

Who knows, the draft could turn out to be something valuable.

If you don’t have the time, then at least write an outline.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, write down the sources you’ll rely on for additional information when writing it

With a good outline and the main points to be covered laid out, writing the content will be much easier for you.

Even if you don’t write and publish your content immediately, you’ll be internalizing a habit that will help you produce consistent, high-quality content


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