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What is the Purpose of Freewriting?

If you’re just coming into writing seriously as a student, marketer or even as an aspring blogger or author, you would have heard of freewriting and wondered what purpose it actually serves.

Freewriting has at least these main purposes.

  • The purpose of freewriting is to warm you up to get you started on a writing project or continuing it.
  • The purpose of freewriting is to help you make writing a habit, even if you’re not working on any writing.
  • The purpose of freewriting is to clarify your thinking when you can’t translate your thoughts into words

Now that you know how freewriting can assist you in your writing, let’s get one thing clear.

Freewriting is a Pre-Writing Process

Freewriting is a pre-writing process.

A pre-writing process is one that helps you prepare for the actual writing. Examples include, outlining, making notes and brainstorming.

But then freewriting as a pre-writing process is selcom used. Why? It doesn’t seem as effective as outlining, for example. With freewriting you’re supposed to start anywhere or from nowhere. That’s not really a sexy way to engage in the writing process.

With writing you’re supposed to know where you’re going even before you start writing.

Many feel that if they use freewriting, it would not lead them anywhere and time and effort would be wasted, It gives them the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. So, they shy away from it.

You don’t write to find out where you’re going according to most sensible minds.

If you know where you’re going with your writing, that’s fine. But if you don’t then freewriting’s purpose is to help you find out where you’re going.

Freewriting is not merely a pre-writing tool it has other uses as well.

Use Freewriting as a Practice Tool

Even if you’re not working on a writing project, you can freewrite. Just write the first thought that comes to mind and see where it takes you.

I’ve done this and ended up with story and article ideas. You never know what will happen when you freewrite.

One main purpose of freewriting is to help you make writing a habit. Whether it leads you anywhere or not.

So, an important purpose of freewriting is to provide you with writing practice so that writing becomes easier for you by the day.

Use it to Start or Continue a Writing Project

Trouble starting a writing project? Don’t think or worry about it. Just start writing about the project. The same goes if you’re having difficulty continuing a writing project after successfully starting it.

How do you go about it? Just write about the problem you’re facing with the project. What’s stopping you from moving? What do you intend to write about?

The method I use is I imagine being interviewed by a TV starion on my project. I’ve got to answer any questions thrown at me, even the tough ones.

Similarly, talk about how your writing project has stalled and how you intend continue.

Use Freewriting to Clarify Your Thoughts

You don’t only use freewriting to clarify your thoughts on writing, but also in life. Write away and see what comes up. You may never know what you can end up with.

Try to write as if you’re writing in a jourmal and you’ll hear a secret voice guiding you.

Many a times, when I’m stuck moving forward with my writing, I freewrite to see what my writer self is actually thinking about. I get clarity and this allows me to move forward.

The above are the main purposes of freewriting,

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